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Marriage Certificate Online Registration in Mumbai

Marriages to be solemnized under special marriage Act. 1954

Documents Required

  • Age proof of the bride and the groom, which could be any one of passport, birth certificate, leaving certificate or domicile or certificate of SSC board
  • Proof of residence of both the men and to be wife, which can be anyone of ration card, election card, passport or telephone or electricity bill
  • Both bride and grooms are to submit their photographs
  • Documents are to be submitted with the Xerox copies as well as the original documents
  • For divorcees, the court order or decree of divorce has to be shown
  • For widow as well as widowers, the death certificate from municipal office needs to be produced of the person in question

Under section 16 of Special Marriage Act

  • The wife and husband need to submit their applications in the given form with their signatures
  • Even though the marriage has been conducted in any place in the country, they should be residing in the area under jurisdiction of the marriage officer
  • Under the Act of Special Marriage, application needs to be submitted 30 days in advance
  • Both should submit their residential proofs along with the application
  • Marriage memorandum under Maharashtra regulation marriage bureaus and registration of marriages 1998
  • Forms showing memorandum of marriage are to be submitted by the applicant, which can be obtained from Mumbai Marriage officer’s office, where a stamp of Rs 100 court fee is attached

Documents Required are

  • Age proof of bride and the groom which can be either passport or leaving certificate or domicile certificate or birth certificate or PAN Card
  • Proof of residence of groom and bride which can be election card or ration card or light bill or passport or telephone bill in their names
  • Witness proof of 3 people, which could be govt identity card or driving license or passport or ration card
  • Wedding card in original
  • If there is no wedding card, then wife, husband and 3 witnesses should sign on a 100 rupees stamp affixed paper
  • Court fee stamp of Rs 100
  • Bride and groom photographs
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