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Marriage Certificate Online Registration in Tamil Nadu

  • Marriages are required to be solemnized as per the customs in Hinduism or even those which are not customary
  • Bride should be above 18 years while groom has to be over 21 years
  • Belonging to the hindus, Sikhs, or Buddhist religions
  • Marriage proof
  • One of the following should be within the jurisdiction of the officer who is registering the marriage
    • Bride residence
    • Groom residence
    • Place of marriage solemnization

Proofs for all these below should be provided

Marriage – temple receipt where marriage has occurred, invitation of marriage or any other proof showing marriage has already been over

Residence – ration card or employee ID or passport or driving license or visa

Age – school or college certificate or visa or passport or birth certificate

Besides the above documentations, 4 photographs for both groom and bride have to be collected.

Registration of marriage under Tamilnadu registration of marriage act

  • Any marriage which has been solemnized by personal law can be registered
  • Ages of the bride and the groom should be more than 18 and 21 years respectively
  • Registration can be done within 90 days where no fine is paid or within 90 – 150 days along with fine. Beyond 150 days, there cannot be any registration
  • Marriage proof
  • The place where the marriage has been solemnized should be within the area under the officer of registration

Proofs Required

Marriage – temple or church issued receipt of marriage or wedding invitation or proof showing solemnization of marriage

Residence – ration card or voter ID card or passport or visa or Driving license

Age – School or college leaving certificate or visa or passport or birth certificate

Witness – at least 2 witnesses should provide their ID cards

Also, 4 photographs of passport size for both bride and groom should be given along with the above proofs

Registration of special marriages and granting of certificates

  • Marriage which has been conducted in front of the officer for registration or any other means
  • Age of the bride and the groom should be 18 and 21 respective or above
  • Anyone of these given locations needs to be under the registering officer’s jurisdiction
    • Bride’s residence
    • Grooms residence
    • Proof of residences
    • Intended marriage notice
In case the marriage notice is not objected within notice’s 30 days, marriages can be registered


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